Discussion of Brother Odd

Notes on “Brother Odd” by Dean Koontz

The point was immediately made, and endorsed by everyone, that the ending was weak. A member who had read other books by Koontz remarked it was as though having written three quarters of the book the author had lost interest and ended it with little attention.

Members were divided on the content. Most dislike the “horror story” element finding the supernatural element distasteful and unbelievable. Conversely one member criticised the book as not horrific enough. As she said it didn’t leave shivers down the spine and make one look under the bed at night.

It was agreed the book was well written, conveying a claustrophobic environment well and the author has a nice line in mockingly humorous comments. One member commented that the asides were so good that some had been copied into her notebook for future reference.

Examples noted were

” I don’t need a neck; I never wear ties”

” If your work is deathwork one weapon is not enough, just as a plumber would not answer a service call with only a single spanner”

An autopsy where the examiner says the deceased had poor dental hygiene. The protagonist in the story is embarrassed.

St Benedict in founding his monastic order had specified it must have a copious supply of wine

This wry humour is frequently used throughout the book and makes readable an otherwise pathetic yarn.


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