Going Postal

Going Postal – Terry Pratchett

One member pointed out to general surprise that “going postal ” was slang ( particularly in the US ) for snapping under excessive stress. It apparently originated from some mass murders in US post offices.

There was a very mixed response to the book with members roughly equally divided between those who didn’t like it and found it impossible to finish and those who found it a likeable and amusing read.

It was agreed that it was a difficult book to read in short bursts. One who tried changed tack and read the book in larger portions and found it enjoyable and amusing.

It was commented that the Pratchett books generally can be seen as a pastiche of real life. The political connection was exemplified for one reader by comparing the benevolent despot Vetinari to a benign Peter Mandelson; a comparison which aroused laughter

The book contains many good jokes. The idea of non rhyming slang neatly turns Cockney rhyming slang on its head. A protagonist has his attention drawn by a hiss which says “pissed”. I think you mean “psst” he replies


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