Christmas meeting

While members enjoyed a convivial meal, the members own writing was discussed. Drawn from schoolgirl life an essay on Beachcombing drew a lot of interest. This was the only illustrated work. As remarked in the essay it partly harked back to nature notes produced following a French seaside holiday. The Nature book from that time was produced complete with its attached bag of shells. This rightly won a school prize and members examined it with great interest.

The works were split roughly equally between fiction and non fiction. Among the fiction “A short love story” had a very telling final sentence. The inspirational object was a candle and it tells of a wife bringing  her husband’s life to an end after illness and then committing suicide. ” Sally snuffed out first the candle then herself”. There was some comment that taking a card about an underwater diving club and moving it to an aircraft diving was stretching the inspiration rather far.

Members decided to invite Birmingham poet Giovanni “Spoz” Esposito to the February meeting. The event will be open to others although only 25 or so can be accommodated. The cost of the open event will be £5 and it will be in the snug of the Tame Otter at 8pm on Monday 7 February. Tickets will be available from club members.

Spoz’s work is often humourous. One of his poems “A stretchy world” was read during the meeting


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