Pam Ayres

Discussion of Pam Ayres book

It was commented that the prose of this mixed prose and poetry book was more interesting than the poetry. Another member felt that the poetry would have made more impact if read by the author. In agreement several said they imagined Pam Ayres, who is well known from her TV appearances, reading the poems.

Two felt the most amusing poem was Bonemeal

Bury me among my dogs
The dogs I loved and knew
So that, as in life
They would have a bone to chew

Generally the book aroused little interest and discussion moved towards possible future books. The leader explained that the book availability list was out of date. Thanks to Charlotte, our helper at Tamworth Library, it was possible to access current stock levels so the likely availability could be assessed.

Members were asked to list possible titles. One member suggested modern history with the possible titles as

Pendulum Years- The Sixties by Bernard Levin

Making of modern Britain by Andrew Marr

The Victorians by A N Wilson

This latter title while highly acclaimed is a remarkably selective book. It manages to discuss the period without mentioning the great technological advances. As for science apart from a brief mention of Charles Darwin, arguably the most important scientist of all time, the topic is ignored. Although remarkably blinkered the book is interesting.

There was also some suggestion that Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books would be interesting although one member felt she knew them too well.


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