July meeting

The club welcomed two new members in Lisa and Jamie.

Generally members found the “Strange incident of the  dog in the nightime” had increased their knowledge and sympathy for Aspergers syndrome sufferers. The book is written entirely from the viewpoint of Christopher, an Aspergers teenager. A strongly dissenting view came from one member who found the book impossible and who drew very unfavourable comparisons with the “Wrong Boy” which was also discussed. In a sense the books are comparable being on the subject of disturbed teenage boys. Although both are written with some comedic intent it was generally felt that the Willy Russell book was more conventional and arguably funnier. The Mark Haddon book was unique in that its whole format was devoted to the thoughts and attitudes of Christopher. His obsessive and mathematical thoughts are presented in detail but with sympathy

In contrasting the two books one member felt that the “Wrong boy” while funnier was ultimately a rather downbeat book. Among the inappropriate behaviour the hero sings the Morrissey song “Shoplifters of the world unite” on a bus full of disapproving people. Both books have an ultimately happy ending albeit well telegraphed by Mark Haddon but last minute by Willy Russell

The club is going on a group visit to see”The turn of the screw” in the theatre as part of the Lichfield Festival.

Ticket holding members will be collected from the Tame Otter car park at 7pm on Friday 15th with Margaret collected from home at 6.45pm


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