The Hand that first held mine

This book aroused mixed comments. Some expressed the view that the two parallel stories which occupy most of the book were hard to read although others found them interesting. One comment was the fifties period detail was admirable. The two stories come together at the end in a way which some thought predictable and others effective. The story does rely on a three year old child having no memory of his mother which was queried.

One feature of the parallel stories is that they both feature mothers with babies. The story brings out the all consuming nature of the early babyhood for the mother. One man said this brought home the commitment that motherhood requires while at least one mother felt it brought back memories she would rather forget. Other mothers felt this feature, which is central to the plot, added to the charm of the book.

It is often the case that reading one book attracts members to want to read more by the same author. This was the case for some.

The book is a Costa prizewinner. This led one member to see it as an admirable book for reading while sipping a coffee in Costa.

The group was pleased to extend a welcome to new member,  Linda. She attended as a result of the item in Village Voice in the Tamworth “Herald”


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