The Brass Verdict

Michael Connelly is one of America’s prime writers of crime fiction. Most of his books have Detective Harry Bosch as protagonist. The Brass Verdict uses another major character in Mickey Haller, a lawyer who also appears in a few other novels most noticeably the Lincoln Lawyer. This title conveys one characteristic of Haller, that he doesn’t have an office keeping his documents in his Lincoln car

Members were generally positive to greater or lesser degrees about the Brass Verdict. Several were very enthusiastic saying it was well written and enthralling. It was universally agreed to be easy to read. Some were less enthusiastic feeling the genre wasn’t their favourite. One felt the book made a slow start and was overly factual about legal and  courtroom matters.

The point was made that Haller is a flawed character but this made him more believable. The authors fans would have been interested that Bosch appears as a character and turns out to be Haller’s half brother. Although Bosch plays a role in the plot their blood relationship scarcely figures.

One member was interested in Connelly’s description of three types of addiction. The slow version where the addict gives up the addiction getting by from day to day; the fast version where the addict is uncaring; and the slow suicide where the addict knows the addiction is damaging but continues anyway.

It was generally agreed that the book was a good yarn but not important literature. As one put it “good for reading on the beach”.

A member who lives on the Olympic torch relay route issued an invitation to view from his house with car parking and a cup of tea provided. The torch is scheduled for 10.08 on Saturday 30 June. The road will be closed for 30mins on either side.


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